Welcome to the Mounds View High School Professional Development Blog: 2016-2017 Edition!

As we approach the one-month mark of the 2016-17 school year, Mounds View High School finds itself in a unique place when it comes to professional learning and school improvement. We are focusing more on the refinement of current practices rather than the overhaul and implementation of whole programs. In the past four years, major changes across the building include:

In our model of professional development, we rely heavily on the expertise of teachers and staff within the building and less on outside entities and traditional “in-service” PD. We are continually working to improve our professional practices by building the capacity and building the shared knowledge of staff.

As a reflection of that philosophy of professional development, the Mounds View Professional Development Blog will be shifting its focus. The blog was started in the fall of 2015 with this tagline: “A teacher-driven blog featuring resources from the world of education and original content written by Mounds View High School teachers.” In practice, there was vast amount of content from outside of Mounds View High School and very little original content from Mounds View teachers.

While there is nothing wrong with gathering articles from the internet and reposting their content, we feel that we can better serve our staff at Mounds View by featuring practices from our own building. This allows readers to get a snapshot of their colleagues classrooms and learn in way that is relevant, efficient, and effective.

The blog is open to anything and everything related to teaching and learning, most of the content this year will align with our Mounds View High School improvement goals:

  1. Post-Secondary Readiness
  2. Student Connectedness
  3. Innovative and Creative Assessment

At the beginning of each school year, our PLCs set SMART goals that are tied to one of the three building goals and track progress throughout the school year.

Each week, we will feature a blog post that highlights some of the great work going on at Mounds View that can be reproduced and utilized by teachers. This week’s post was written by Instructional Strategies Facilitator, Bethany DeCent and will kick off our work by discussing SMART goals: How to set them and how to use them effectively.

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